Retouching Before/After

Retouching Before/after

I don’t think I really need to say much about this. It’s of course the most gratifying way of seeing retouching, but I’d like to stress that the quality BEFORE retouching is so important, and when the amount of retouching applied is so massive that you’re actually turning a photo into a Photoshop painting, you can start to question what’s the point!

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01. lips-a 02. lips-b 03. famous-a 04. famous-b 05. famous-2-a 06. famous-2-b 07. crena2-a 08. crena2-b 09. crena1-a 10. crena1-b 11. jfb2-a 12. jfb2-b   15. hands-a 16. hands-b 17. zoy-a 18. zoy-b 19. derek-c-a 20. derek-c-b 21. cover-a 22. cover-b 23. lashes-a 24. lashes-b   27. mother-child-a 28. mother-child-b 29. pet-nhuc-a 30. pet-nhuc-b 31. shading-a 32. shading-b   35. ziggy-eyes-a 36. ziggy-eyes-b