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The way I see it, beauty retouching is actually easier than personality and portrait retouching, because you can take more licence, and you’re allowed a more retouched look. Funnily enough, the images that look less retouched are often more work than heavily retouched images where you just go to town and happily dodge and burn your way to flawlessness. Less is literally more!


What’s my style of beauty retouching? Firstly, I like to make the model look strong, as opposed to bland and mundane, which is how most mortals tend to come straight out of the camera – even models! I like to strengthen the image itself through colour, contrast and a lot of selective ‘balancing’ work. The degree of flawlessness depends on the project or client brief, and the destination of the image. I like keeping skin well shaped, and I strongly dislike retouching where the highlight is lost and you get flat faces. Often I push in more highlight if I’m allowed.


Retouching for clients is very different from retouching my own photo-work, and it’s a process of getting to know the photographer’s style and respecting it, to make the work unique to their style and bringing life to the photographers vision. Sometimes this involves a lot of guesswork and sometimes some reserch on a photographer’s references. When it’s commercial work I tend to assume that everything ends up poster size – let’s say – I’ve learnt my lesson in the past! If the retouching work is really successful, that may very well be the outcome, because the client will suddenly find more uses for an image that was originally not in great favour. That the image is printable to most commercial standards is essential. Good images deserve to be printed, and retouching for print output and the internet-only are two distinctly different things!


If you want to get a rough impression of how much the images are retouched and how they are retouched, look at the before-after gallery. I say you’ll get a rough feel, because on the internet everything is a fraction of the original size.

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