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I come from the Norwegian Arctic city of Tromsø and grew up at Nesodden and in London. My father is former journalist & broadcaster Bjørn Hansen and my late mother a fine artist; Rigmor Hansen. I inherited a bunch of genes obsessive with words and visuals. In Tromsø I enjoyed some amazing years as a (very) young hairdresser, running a salon by the age of 20. I also moonlighted as a broadcaster for radio and TV, and was involved in the music scene that fostered acts such as Biosphere, Bel Canto, Lene Marlin (all have been regular clients of my salon of course) and later, Røyksopp. The salon’s still going strong without me!


Developing an obsessive interest in photography, I found myself in London, studying for a degree (BA Hons). I was lucky to be in a good vintage year at the LCP (now LCC), and I collaborated closely with several Fashion Design students from Central St Martins. I had a lucky break when I graduated, hitting the ground running, with an agent and lots of fashion work. My first job out of college was a campaign for Body Shop. I enjoyed shooting for and with fashion designers, but advertising photography was nerve-wracking. In those days there was rarely any retouching – only on certain big campaigns. You could rarely say “fix it in the post” back then!


I spent lots of time in the darkroom throughout the nineties and early noughties, trying to create effects which later morphed into the digital version, after I one day traded a Photoshop lesson from old guru and old friend Maxwell Fergueson – for a haircut. At first I had no idea what do with Photoshop because I had always tried so hard to capture “picture perfect” and print images to its ultimate potantial. I simply couldn’t see beyond that. When Max showed me Curves the penny dropped, and my head was firmly stuck inside the computer from that day onwards.


I gradually segued into becoming a retoucher and Photoshop trainer/consultant. It really wasn’t the plan, but when the really interesting magazines stopped paying photographers, and the music labels were all going under, it made sense. I became more interested in other people’s images than my own, and when StyloRouge design agency asked me to do some commissioned retouching, I realized the value in working on other photographers images.  Running courses at Photofusion, I also enjoyed teaching Photoshop, and starting offering 1-1 retouching training too. I found more satisfaction in helping others develop than to add to an already over-populated industry, where only sponsored rich kids or those who had really made it big-time could afford to be a photographers.


I became also a regular contibutor for What Digital Camera magazine, writing Photoshop tutorials, and was approached by a big publisher to write a book on Beauty Retouching. For contractual reasons it didn’t work out, but I decided to go ahead and wrote it as an e-book. At this time all ebooks were horrible, badly designed documents that were obviously planned as printed books, but I saw my ebooks as pure screen-books, and came up with an intuitive landscape design, making the tutorials work perfectly for the computer screen. It was a well-received experiment, and in 2010 I was even more surprised when my retouching DVD became a huge success!


In the last decade I’ve dedicated myself to retouching and Photoshop training for working photographers. I’ve been retouching portraits, beauty and music/entertainment faces for household names within UK photography – espcially album covers and press packs for the artistes. I’ve also trained companies, ranging from large broadcasting companies, publishing houses, design agencies, fashion businesses, holiday operators, photo-labs, magazines and newspapers, to a whole host of photographers, digital operators and retouchers.


A much-needed to escape from the computer screen (and RSI) transported me to the Atlantic coast of Spain – to Cadiz, where I now live. Here I’ve been picking up my photography again, running LUZIA courses with my partner Ignacio Fando, and trying to write, teach, produce videos, retouch – more or less at the same time! I have had a slowdown in output for a the last year or 2, it’s parly due to a direction re-think, partly to do with complicated building works and learning a new language, and lastly because I broke my arm and shoulder in 3 places last year!


In spring 2014 Eureka launched my video-tutorial platform, which is now running smoothly, and expands on the DVD from 2010. This training-video platform now has more content than the original DVD, and is aimed at the advanced audience. The final touches on this channel will be my last work, as I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite the obvious disappointment over not being able to fulfil many plans, I hope to add a few more pieces to the video platform, and also some honest blog-posts on retouching. I hope I have time to edit and post the major parts of the materials I’ve written over the last couple of years. I’d like to thank those who have supported me in everything I’ve done and published. I have arranged for my work to be well looked after in the future, so keep an eye on Eureka for any news.


CLIENTS AND BRANDS: Universal, Sony, Hospital Records, Stylo Rouge, Linda Barker, Ben Sherman, Famous by Sue Moxley, John Bennett, Asda, Osborne & Little, Rhino Shoes, Talkback Thames, BBC, Max Factor…


FACES: VV Brown, Alesha Dixon, Keisha (Sugababes), Paul Weller Sugababes, Westlife, Pigeon Detectives, Scouting for Girls, Annie, McFly, Sam Sparro, Only Men, Les Dennis, Theo Paphitis, Colleen Rooney, Gordon Ramsey, Lauren Laverne, Danni Minogue, Des’ree, Sarah Brightman…


FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dean Chalkley, Ray Burmiston, Paul Rider, Julia Fullerton-Batton, Kelvin Murray, Andrea Hamilton, Symonshatton, Eva Mueller, Neil Kirk…

COMPANIES STAFF TRAINING: QVC, Hachette UK, Metro Imaging, ASOS, Avon, Flying Colours, RP Photographic, Science Photo Library, Katz Pictures, Maad, EDF Trading, James Murphy Photography, Lupe Digital, Photofusion, Godske, Radley Yeldar, The Sun, Thomson Holidays…


INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS: Catherine Gratwicke, Tim Hollis, Gered Mankowitz, Crena Watson, Alison Webster, Sam Barker, Jo Scott, John McLean, Clarissa Leahy, Arnhel DeSerra, Dennis Gilbert, Gered Mankowitz,  James Brittain, Jim Naughten, Katherine Fawcett, Sim Canetty-Clarke, Tim Soar, Dan McNally, Yvonne Blume, Guy Drayton, Peter Zownir…


EDITORIAL FASHION AND FEATURES: Marie Claire, High Life, Telegraph Magazine, Atomica, The Independent on Sunday, Scene, London Magazine, Spirit, Black Book, Dutch, Time Out, Jockey Slut, Vision Hong Kong, South China Post Magazine…


ADVERTISING AND FASHION DESIGNERS: American Express, Body shop, Celebrity Cruises, Martini Brut, Sure (Deodorant), Holmes shoes, CCB, Idol, Milliner Jo Gordon, Palmiero, The Crafts Council, The British Council, Susanne Deeken…


MUSIC – ALBUM COVERS: Polydor & StyloRouge: Jepp, Roundabout: Pushkin, Hospital Records: High Contrast,Plastic Surgery 3, Phuturistix, London Elektricity, NuTone, Polydor for Ruby Amanfu, Diana Haddid, Ross Hamilton…




Kodak Propass
What Digital Camera
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British Journal of Photography
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