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It is with great sadness that I share the news with you that Gry lost her battle with lung cancer on Sunday, March 29th. Gry was aware that this time was approaching and prepared the following message which she requested be put on this site at the appropriate time. This is Gry’s message…

Friends of my site may have noticed recent changes. I regret that I’ve had to suspend my training and retouching. A few months ago it was confirmed beyond doubt that I’ve got incurable lung cancer. How long have I got? I’ve been holding back this ‘announcement’ but I find it’s easier to say it straight. I appreciate the many kind emails of support, but please do not suggest miracle cures, clinics or health foods. If you should write to me, I thank you in advance for your support, but I hope you understand that I can’t reply. You should also know that I have fully accepted my situation, and I’m at peace with this – I’m not fighting, just making the best of the time I have left, and trying to control the pain. I am being looked very well after by my husband, family, friends and medics.

So what’s this got to do with photography and retouching? Well, for me it’s triggered a frenzy to complete my work, and an urgency, priority and honesty. Honesty about where I stand on retouching. Urgency about finishing projects. Although my first task was to complete the Video platform on Eureka! – DONE – my priorities have shifted towards my own photography, selecting and editing my best work, and publishing it on the Photo Showcase on this site, where it will stay for the future. I’m no longer teaching but the 18 hours of videos on my video channel are as good as me on my best day. They’ll live on, and so will my e-books.

I have a real need to share my thoughts and experiences in my situation, and I hope I can give fresh perspective and a somewhat unusual approach to living and dying of lung cancer, especially as a relatively young person and a non-smoker.

My lung cancer was discovered at an advanced stage, way beyond cure, and I decided to bypass any life-prolonging treatment, in favour of enjoying the best possible life quality. Quality – not quantity! According to the doctors and all those around me, my realism and my attitude in this situation is very unusual. I am not “fighting” the cancer but I am doing my best to fight the pain. I wanted to share some thoughts on my situation, in the hope that it can give some food for thought to the many who face cancer or other illness with….

I’ve now grabbed my last opportunity to finish and upload images and texts on this website, which will remain live, as a memorial showcase. I am sorry I can’t provide live training anymore, but you can learn a lot from my training resources on the Eureka Publishing site. The e-books and videos are like a training session with me, but on a good day! Eureka Imaging Publications will carry on as usual, in the very able hands of Gus White, and this (my) website will be updated with the current status. Many warm thanks to all those who have followed my work over the years!


This site is currently undergoing some changes, with much more focus on photography, less on retouching training in person. I’m publishing a series of blog-posts on retouching and photography. The first is found here: WHY AIRBRUSHING DEBATES ARE SO FUTILE, AND WHY RETOUCHING SHOULD BE CREDITED

I’ll be adding more posts on photography and retouching in the next few weeks, ranging from some opinionated rants to words of advice. If you’re looking for my ebooks, or videos, go to Eureka! Publishing.

I’m adding galleries to my Photography Showcase. Check out: Cadiz de la Luz which can be seen as a slideshow, or with some info and words about this beautiful city. Newest galleries: Dorian Grays and now Columbia Road, London


Photography and Photo retouching in London and Cadiz; enjoying the best of London's urban energy and the laid-back humour and amazing locations of Costa de la Luz.


See the PHOTOGRAPHY SHOWCASE for galleries of my past and present images. Lots of new work recently added – more coming!


Retouching has been my day-job for a decade. Here are examples of retouching jobs I've done for professional photographers.


I'm suspending my Photoshop training due to illness, but check out my ebooks and videos instead. They are just like the real me, but on a good day!


Since 2007 I have been producing E-books and videos for advanced training in photo editing and retouching. You can download some ebook samplers from this site, and they are available at the Eureka Imaging Publications site.


The e-books are my labour of love. In the books I share my experience; 15 years of Photoshop and retouching, 10 years as a fashion & advertising photographer, and many years in hair & make-up – through practical tips and ideas, retouching technique and exploring the possibilities and limitations of Photoshop.


18+ hours of new and updated retouching video tutorials, exclusively at Eureka! Choose monthly subscription or 3-month full access, or rent single tutorials. You won't find these on a torrent! Colour Retouching, Fashion & Beauty, Input to Output, Retouching Techniques, Selections & Masks, Working Smart, and Legacy Videos.


The Retouching DVD is down to the last 5 copies on the Eureka Imaging Publications site. The last copies come with a complimentary 3-month subscription to the new videos.